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In order to save some money, many drivers tend to postpone changing winter to summer tyres or do not change tyres at all until the following spring. Ironically, this way of reasoning does not lead to easing the financial burden in the long run, moreover, it increases the expenses related to the car. Why? During warm seasons, winter pneumatic tyres fall prey to their own design. Rubber compound with the addition of silicate performs very well in snow and icebound conditions, however, it is softer and thus has low tolerance for heat and hot asphalt. It may happen quite easily that we wear our winter tyres out in one single summer.
In addition, use of winter tyres in warmer seasons contributes to larger fuel consumption, as the more robust profile of the winter tyres causes higher rolling resistance. Security issue needs to be addressed, as well. Braking tests for Audi A3 at 100 km/h show the braking distance with winter tyres reaching up to 46 metres, while summer tyres shorten that distance by 8 metres.

The profile depth is crucial. Regulations determine the smallest allowed tyre profile depth at 1.6mm. When the profile depth drops below 1.6mm the tyres need replacing. However, performance of tyres rapidly degrades at less than 4mm of profile depth, especially on wet surface; therefore, we recommend tyres to be replaced when they reach 2.5-3mm of profile depth.

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